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At Sunrise Recovery, we believe every day is a new beginning. As healthcare providers, we take an oath to change the world. We cherish what do and take immense pride in helping individuals break free of the heavy chains of addiction.

Sunrise Recovery's mission is to transform the lives of our patients and their families through holistic, evidence-based medical and behavioral healthcare.

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Sunrise Recovery Care focuses on the holistic transformation of the patient through a variety of different treatment services. During a typical inpatient stay, this includes medical detoxification, partial hospitalization, and a residential treatment program all under the guidance of a board-certified addiction specialist. We emphasize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, SMART recovery and family counseling in addition to extensive individual and group therapy sessions. Given our focus on long-lasting change, we will continue to provide our patients with consistent follow-ups for a year after their stay.

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Medical Detox

Residential Treatment

Spiritual & Recreational

Smart Recovery

Individual and
Group Therapy

These are some of the services we offer

Regain Control - Rediscover Joy – Revive Life

At Sunrise Recovery, we are determined to conquer addiction and rebuild the broken bridges that connect back to life. Proud to run one of the most trusted rehab centers in Indiana, we have been successful in pulling many individuals out of the worst stages of drug and alcohol addiction.

Today, they sustain a long period of recovery and are happy to lead a normal life among their loved ones. Every success gives us goals to further improve our drugs and alcohol rehab methodologies and services and make it a better word for all.

A Personalized Approach to Recovery

Every addictive behavior is propelled by a specific reason which is important to identify for the right treatment plan. We are among the very few drug rehab centers and alcohol treatment centers in Indiana that design a personalized recovery plan for every patient approaching us. Our experts and patient care team obtain valuable inputs from patients’ behaviors, their histories and medical records, friends and families to help them retreat and regain the lost control.

A Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

Sunrise Recovery is among the top rehab centers in Indiana that bring in all possible ways to create willingness among patients to overwhelm addiction. For this, we:

  • Provide physical, psychological and well as spiritual care to introduce an overall change in the patient’s personality.
  • Encompass evidence-based treatment, taking clues from the proven and latest scientific methodologies that have been helpful in drugs and alcohol rehab across the globe.
  • Use Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) approach, adopted by many drug rehab centers, to drive patients through recognized stages of change.
  • Rely on holistic treatment that includes behavior therapies, counseling, individual and group rehabilitation and more.

The Perfect Environment for Revival

Our facility is among the reputed alcohol treatment centers in Indiana that meet all requirements and standards of rehabilitation homes for the ill-fated individuals. We ensure:

  • Safety, comfort and privacy for our inpatients so that they adapt to the rehab treatment conveniently.
  • Team of experts including licensed doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors and drugs and alcohol rehab specialists.
  • One of the best community-based rehabilitation programs among the top rehab centers in Indiana.
  • No tough love technique used by many drug rehab centers. Rather, we employ compassion and understanding to help develop the feeling of self-love among patients.

Being one of the best drugs and alcohol treatment centers in Indiana, Sunrise Recovery believes in sustenance with fewer chances of relapse. Get in touch today if a loved one of yours needs help.


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