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Jenevieve E.
Sunrise graduate

“The staff at Sunrise helped me realize that I’m not alone in this horrible life-long battle of addiction. I’m not just some loser junkie that has no purpose in life, and that I can change. They treated me like family with love and respect and empathy.

Sunrise taught me the coping skills that I use today to remain sober and live a good life. It taught me that it’s ok to ask for help, and it’s ok to not be ok – and it’s ok to take time for yourself if you need to.”

Rebecca C.
Sunrise graduate

“What I loved most about being at Sunrise is the fact that almost everyone who works there is a recovering addict. It really helped to know that there are others just like me that have to deal with some sort of a struggle on a daily basis.

To the staff at Sunrise – you were kind and very understanding. You gave your all to each individual that was there wanting the help.”

Isaac B.
Sunrise graduate

Everything is fantastic! Been working, paying my bills, enjoying all the little things. I have nothing to complain about.

I was stuck in a dark place mentally and I couldn’t seem to find my happy place. I knew something was missing.

It’s been a tough ride, but I have had a lot of support (from Sunrise Recovery).”

Travis L.
Sunrise graduate

“Sunrise saved my life. The staff is amazing. They will love you back to life. I had a wonderful experience when I was there. I'm 15 months clean and sober thanks to Sunrise.”

Christina W.
Sunrise graduate

“I loved being at Sunrise Recovery because they gave me the help and tools I needed to be sober.

I felt loved at Sunrise because the staff made us feel at home always.

Someone struggling with addiction should get care at Sunrise because they are the friendliest staff ever. I am almost five months sober and it’s all because of them.”

Brook K.
Sunrise graduate

“I loved being at Sunrise because I got the help I so desperately needed.

The techs, the therapists and the nurses didn’t treat me like just another addict – they treated me like a human being who needed help.

I never felt alone there and, for so long, that’s all I felt. You’re not just a patient, you’re a person there. You matter to the people there.

They loved me back to life – and they are the only reason I’m 6 months sober today!

Branden W.
Sunrise graduate

I'm an alcoholic my sobriety date is 11-2-23.
Sunrise was great. The sign says let us love you back. that's exactly what they do.

The staff is very approachable. They are very patient understanding and caring, from the administration, nursing text and Cooks.

And speaking of cooks they feed you well and the food is great.

So if you're looking for someplace to treat you like a client rather than a patient this is the place for you.

Hunter C.
Sunrise graduate

“Great recovery facility!! Loving staff here, loved me until I could love myself.

I was provided support, treatment, the knowledge, and information, to succeed, and stay sober, as well as an exit strategy, and continued support.

The facility is very clean, the food is amazing, and the beds are super comfortable.

I really appreciate the safe clean, and friendly environment!! Highly recommend!!”

Trace H.
Sunrise graduate

This place saved my life. When i hit rock bottom Sunrise was the concrete i built my foundation on.

They found me a place to go after i graduated too. Now i have 144 days clean and am for the first time independent.

The people that work there are like family to me.

If your looking to rebuild your life i suggest you give them a try.”

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