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Smart Recovery Program

SMART Recovery Program in Indiana

SMART Recovery is the Self-Management and Recovery Training support program made for patients who are under addiction and behavioral disorders. It is is a type of self-empowering program. With the use of cognitive, behavioral and motivational enhancement therapies to teach the skill of self-reliance, the patients are made to understand the cravings and how they can effectively use the skill to help them control those urges.

This program incorporates the teaching of self-reliance and control in patients who are under the grip of addiction and are facing behavioral disorders by making them focus and understand their inner thoughts and feelings concerning their disease. The participants are taught several skills to help them manage their urges and cravings in the long run.

Our SMART Recovery Program in Indiana is continuously updating the methodologies used as per the scientific evidence that can be incorporated in the recovery from addiction.

This essential feature of SMART Recovery is thus considered as an efficient program to aid the patients in overcoming the addiction. This program has been recognized as an effective tool by organizations such as the American Family Physicians and the National Institute on Drug Abuse

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Smart Recovery Program

The 4-Point SMART Recovery Program

The 4-Point SMART Recovery Program at Sunrise Recovery in Indiana is not a rigid, step-by-step process. Instead, it emphasizes four key strategies and routines designed to help individuals struggling with addiction. 

Participants can practice these four exercises flexibly, selecting the points that best meet their current needs and circumstances. 

This adaptive approach allows for personalized treatment plans that effectively support the maintenance of a healthy, sober life.

This Program Includes:

The first step towards Recovery can happen when the patients have the motivation to take a necessary step towards it. Thus, at this point, the patients are given motivation to remaining sober. They are encouraged to make a list of benefits and costs to maintain sobriety versus addiction.

The third point teaches the participants to examine deeper into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to understand the reason for addiction. This point also dwells into sensitive problems such as depression and anxiety which more often than not leads to addiction and vice-versa. The participants are taught about the subject matter on self-acceptance and managing uncomfortable situations.

The second point aids in understanding the reasons for craving and what are the elements that trigger the participants into addiction. They are given various methods that can help them to suppress the cravings. Again, these points are personalized as per the intensity and the conditions of the participants. Various distraction techniques are also suggested to aid them in remaining sober.

After long term addiction to a substance, it is difficult for patients to remain sober throughout. Chances of relapse may occur in the extreme situation in their lives and it becomes like a coping mechanism. At this point, participants are made aware of what is important to them and thus take necessary steps to help them maintain a sober life by balancing all the aspects of their lives.

Smart Recovery Program

Tools Used in SMART Recovery

These tools include:

The SMART Recovery Program uses various techniques to help the candidates free from the clutch of addictive behaviors. They are encouraged to use the tools to recover from addiction.

Thus, the SMART Recovery is an integrated program that aids the participants under the influence of substance abuse or who are under addictive behavior to maintain a balanced life by teaching them methods to cope with cravings, understand their feelings and thoughts and also by incorporating motivational techniques to live a life of sobriety.

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Detox is extremely important for patients who have been under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol for a long period of time. The constant abuse of drugs and alcohol leads the patient into a lot of mental and physical problems. These problems just don’t go away after the patient decides to stop the usage of drugs and alcohol. As they are encountered with many issues that come from withdrawal such as cramps, nausea, headache, muscle aches and hallucinations, the process of detoxification is extremely important. The detoxification helps the patients to transition from addiction to the recovery and healing process. Apart from this, detox is also incredibly important to start the actual treatment process. The recovery center monitors and addresses the symptoms in the patients, which can help the clinicians to give the correct treatment to the patients which are suitable to them. Also, getting detox aids the patients to not relapse into the void of addiction. When patients leave drugs and alcohol abruptly, there is always a chance of falling back in the trap. So, with the detox process done under the recovery center, it helps the patients as well as the medical staff to care for the patients. We, at Sunrise Recovery Care provide our patients with drug and alcohol detox with our various detox programs to treat the addiction in our patients.
At our detox center in Indiana, we understand the patients are in so many problems and we believe in removing their hurdles by doing whatever we can to ease the treatment process. Apart from giving absolute compassion and care during their process of the program, we also aim at making the process easier. And that includes the payment procedures. We make sure that our recovery center is equipped with accepting insurance coverage from various platforms. Sunrise Recovery Care has managed to be the rehabilitation center that accepts the largest number of insurance than anywhere else in the state. For us, it is all about helping our patients and our value lies in treating these patients as humans and not just term them as “patients”. Therefore, we take into notice the simplest of things that can aid the patients in the path to recovery. Thus, we make sure that no patients who come to Sunrise recovery center have to face any problem right from the moment they enter our center and even after they leave. Every single thing is taken care of with understanding and support. All of our energy is directed towards treating the patient so that they can start a new chapter of their lives.
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