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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment in Indiana

Drug addiction is one the rise than ever before in the United States. People of all ages, especially young adults have fallen into the grip of substance abuse in many forms. To cope with the rising issue there are many rehabilitation centers across the country providing multiple programs to help the patients in recovering from addiction.

Sunrise Recovery is one of the best rehab centers in Indiana that provides drug addiction treatment. From its best inpatient residential program, to outpatient program, to providing treatment for the co-occurring disorder, many evidence-based therapies are provided to the patients.

Drug addiction can happen with the misuse of prescription medications along with other illegal substances that are used by the patients. The treatment process for each type of addiction depends on the severity as well as the duration and types of drugs consumed by the individuals.

Thus, it is important to have a proper diagnosis before starting with the treatment procedures. The drug addiction treatment initiates with the process of detoxification after which individual treatment is formulated as per the need of the patients.

Apart from the medication, drug addiction treatment incorporates various therapies which can be individual, group and family sessions as well. All of the treatment procedures are carried out to help patients recover from their addiction and live a drug-free life.

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Drug Addiction Treatment in Indiana
Drug Addiction Treatment

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction or substance abuse disorder is a state that occurs in an individual when their behavior and ability to control the urges to use the substance occur. Any form of addiction to a substance that leads to an inability to control the usage of the substance is known as drug addiction. Drug addiction can occur from misusing prescription medication as well apart from the use of other illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana amongst others.

Drug addiction more often than not starts with the idea of just “experiencing” a recreational drug. But unfortunately, it often leads to the individual being hooked on to the substances and the usage becomes more frequent with time. This risky behavior can lead to a person experiencing drugs once to being a complete addict.

Once the person becomes addicted to any type of drug, chances are that the individual might get hooked on other types of substances as well. The unavailability of the particular drug and the need to feel intoxicated make way for the individual to try other substances as well to recreate the same feeling.

People with mental illness become a victims of addiction to get out of the mental state they are in and drugs become a sort of coping mechanism. Any individual with continuous addiction has a high chance of suffering some type of mental illness.

This vicious cycle is an unfortunate thing that happens to people who fall into the grip of addiction. Thus, it is really important to understand that dependency on any type of substance can lead to addiction. Diagnosis at the right time is extremely vital to get the right treatment to help recover from addiction.

When an individual has drug addiction they aren’t in a state of mind to understand what’s wrong with them so friends and family must look at their behavior and find a way to help them by admitting them into the recovery center.

Counseling and talking with the individual to help them realize their state can be an integral step to help them take the first step towards recovery. The best inpatient drug rehab centers can provide the necessary resources and support to get on the road to recovery. 

As one of the best addiction treatment center in Indiana, Sunrise Recovery specializes in helping people overcome their addictions and begin a new life.

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Types of Addiction We Treat

Opiate Addiction

Compulsive use of opioids despite harmful consequences and dependency issues.

Drug Addiction

Compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful physical and psychological effects.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Dependence on prescribed medications, leading to misuse.

Heroin Addiction

Intense craving for heroin, leading to compulsive use and dependence.

Vicodin Addiction

Dependence on Vicodin, causing misuse and severe physical and psychological effects.

Fentanyl Addiction

Severe dependence on fentanyl, leading to dangerous misuse and health risks.

Oxycontin addiction

OxyContin dependence causes compulsive use and significant health consequences.

Cocaine Addiction

Compulsive cocaine use leading to severe physical, mental, and social consequences.

Benzodiazepine Addiction

Dependence on benzodiazepines causes misuse and serious health.

Meth Addiction

Intense methamphetamine cravings lead to compulsive use.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Signs Of Drug Addiction

When an individual is in the grip of addiction many symptoms can be seen. Although the symptoms may vary from individual to individual as it depends on the type, length, and severity of the addiction, there are some common signs that can be seen in the patients.

These are a few of the most common symptoms that an individual has when they are dealing with drug addiction:

Drug Addiction Signs

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