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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment in Indiana

A prescription drug like OxyContin’s addiction has been increasing at an alarming rate not just in Indiana but also all over the country. The earlier scene in the medical world didn’t anticipate the grave issue that it would bring. However, the scenario took a different turn in 2008, when reports suggested that there were more than 900 deaths associated with addiction to this drug.

This is such an unfortunate thing especially knowing that a drug like OxyContin is supposed to help patients get relief from their pain with their injuries. However, misuse of the drug by taking it more then what has been prescribed or mixing the drug with other substances like alcohol makes the situation a worrying condition. Addiction to OxyContin and deaths related to the abuse of this drug stands at around 40% which implies its severity.

To cope with the astounding rate of increasing addiction in the patients, the medical facilities in Indiana have been keeping track of the Prescription of the drug and so are the rehabilitation centers providing the recovery facilities and therapies to reduce the causes of addiction.

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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Indiana
Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

How Does Oxycontin Rehab Work?

Vivitrol helps the patients with alcohol and Opioid addiction as it not only helps to overcome the withdrawal symptoms but also helps the patients by decreasing the effects of the drugs. The use of Vivitrol helps to reduce the effects of drugs and can help patients overcome the effects of the drugs that make an impact on the patient’s physical and mental well-being.

Vivitrol not only helps the patients overcome their addiction requirements but also helps the patients with the physical problems that patients dealing with addiction feel.

The use of Vivitrol with other therapies can help patients recover from their addiction on a large scale. It is however important for the patients to know and understand the consequences of using the drug. It is to be noted that when the patient uses the drug, he/she mustn’t be on other drugs. Vivitrol, as a medication drug, can be extremely helpful for patients who have been suffering from the problem of addiction for a long time.

Not only does the use of Vivitrol help the patients to deal with their issues with the addiction, but it also helps the patients to deal with the situation in a more capable way. Because of the advantage that it provides, rehabilitation centers like Sunrise Recovery Care have been providing treatment services to all the patients dealing with addictions with Medication-Assisted Treatment with the use of Vivitrol to aid in patient’s recovery. If you are someone who needs assistance through MAT, kindly do get the help that you require from the right recovery center that cares for your overall well-being.

Co-occurring Disorders Treatment in Indiana

OxyContin addiction can be hard to recover from as this is a prescription drug and sometimes people might get addicted even when not intended to. Hence, it becomes such a sensitive subject to dwell into and therefore providing treatment to help recover the patients is not only important but has become an essential subject for the rehabilitation centers all around Indiana.

Sunrise Recovery in Clarksville, Indiana amongst providing another form of rehabilitation facilities for mental illness and other types of drug addiction has also been very actively participating to aid people with OxyContin addiction.

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Types of Addiction We Treat

Opiate Addiction

Compulsive use of opioids despite harmful consequences and dependency issues.

Drug Addiction

Compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful physical and psychological effects.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Dependence on prescribed medications, leading to misuse.

Heroin Addiction

Intense craving for heroin, leading to compulsive use and dependence.

Vicodin Addiction

Dependence on Vicodin, causing misuse and severe physical and psychological effects.

Fentanyl Addiction

Severe dependence on fentanyl, leading to dangerous misuse and health risks.

Oxycontin addiction

OxyContin dependence causes compulsive use and significant health consequences.

Cocaine Addiction

Compulsive cocaine use leading to severe physical, mental, and social consequences.

Benzodiazepine Addiction

Dependence on benzodiazepines causes misuse and serious health.

Meth Addiction

Intense methamphetamine cravings lead to compulsive use.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Sunrise Recovery?

Sunrise Recovery is one of the prominent and best rehabilitation centers in Indiana. Located in Clarksville, Sunrise Recovery Care has been providing treatment for many types of addictions including Oxycontin addiction for many years now. Apart from addiction, Sunrise Recovery has also worked towards providing its care and services to people dealing with one or several forms of mental illness such as depression, and anxiety including PTSD amongst others.

With years of continuous and vigorous services towards making the lives of people with addiction free from its grip, Sunrise Recovery understands the difficulty and trauma that comes with addiction. Especially when it comes to addiction to prescription drugs, it can bring difficulty to the patients. We, at Sunrise Recovery value the life of our patients and provide a safe environment where they can not only recover from their addiction but also learn to cope with the cravings, understand the fatality of addiction and motivate them towards bringing a positive change in their lives.

Apart from the nurturing environment with well-rounded facilities, we ensure that the patients with addiction get the right type of therapies that are suited to them.

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