Partial Hospitalization Program in Indiana

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP as it is mostly known as is a type of program incorporated by the recovery centers to help pateints recover by undergoing treatment  under its care. Partial Hospitalization Program looks into the matter concerning addiction from alcohol and/or drugs abuse along with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD amongst many others.

The things that need to be understood when it comes to Partial Hospitalization Program is that it offers services and care to the patients who are competent to travel back anf forth to the recovery center from their place of stay. In order to qualify for the PHP, the pateints need to get the permit from the treatment facilities that they are enrolled into. As, high level of addiction and severe mental illness’s cases aren’t suggested to take this program mainly for the reason that they need complete attention. This type of program is usually helpful for the patients whose condition is not as grave.

Heroin Addiction Rehab in Indiana

The outpatient program is recommended by the medical professionals after evaluating the patient’s situation and understanding of the patient’s illness, environment, history as well as the support system that the patients have in the outside world.

Partial hospitalization care provided under AAPH, the American Association of Partial Hospitalization with NAPPH, the National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals to provide patients with all the necessary diagnosis, assessment and treatment therapies ranging from medical to various clinically assisted therapies to help them overcome the patient’s issue with addiction and mental illness.

Sunrise Recovery Care offers the best services and programs when it comes to the Partial Hospitalization Program in Indiana by making the treatment procedure simple and easier for the patients. A Proper guidance system is incorporated to make the patient transition smoothly from their phase of addiction to sobriety. A well-rounded program is designed individually for the patients taking in a note their mental and physical situation and their level of addiction and mental illness.

Why Choose Sunrise Recovery?

Sunrise Recovery Care in Clarksville, Indiana is one of the best rehabilitation centers that provide all the necessary guidance, assistance, and treatment for the patients undergoing addictions and the patients who are suffering from different types of mental illness.
It is crucial to choose the right recovery center for the healing process to take form efficiently and Sunrise Recovery Care provides a well-rounded platform for different types of programs from in-patient, outpatient to partial hospitalization. Sunrise Recovery not only provides round the clock services for people with mental illness and diagnosed with addiction but also maintains the services and support system with the after-care services.
Sunrise Recovery Care makes it a point to evaluate and assess the history of the patients and the therapies and treatment are followed as per the diagnosis. Sunrise Recovery not only provides the best platform but also has a flexible schedule when it comes to treating the patients through the Partial Hospitalization Program. The flexible payment system also is an important factor that can help the patient when enrolling themselves in the program. The treatment procedures range from cognitive therapies, holistic therapies and scientifically proven medical assistance to make sure that the patient is given the right treatment as per their requirement.
Overall, Sunrise Recovery Care provides all-rounded solutions and treatment processes to ease the transition from addiction to sobriety along with giving a comforting stay and constant care for the patients dealing with depression, anxiety or any other type of mental illness.

What to expect in a Partial Hospitalization Program?

As Partial Hospitalization is the type of program for the patients under addiction and mental illness that focuses on providing the services and necessary treatment to the patients while being non-residential, it is important to follow a proper guideline to achieve the expected results or outcome from the program.
To reap the benefits from the partial hospitalization program it is of utmost importance that the patients are committed to the cause. In a partial hospitalization program, the recovery center provides various assessments and therapies for the patients depending on the type of addiction and mental illness. However, patients must also follow the guidelines provided by the rehabilitation center to help the doctors in treating them.

How to detect alcohol addiction in a person?

Any session that has been prescribed or suggested by the doctors shouldn’t be skipped as well as the medication must be taken as per the suggestion.
Partial Hospitalization Program in Indiana is tailored as per the individual’s requirement. However, there are few common things that you can expect from partial hospitalization.

  • Interview and assement to diagnose the condition of the pateints
  • Screening for drug and alcohol
  • Development of treatment and recovery plan
  • Management of medication
  • On-Site Medical and nursing services
  • Recreational activities
  • Therapies (Individual, Group, and Family)
  • Fitness and wellness education
  • Diet plan
  • Continuing Care and Discharge plan

These are some of the activities and plans that can be expected from PHP. Therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are also included in the program apart from Holistic therapies such as music, art, yoga, pet, and medication to help the patients in their recovery process.



    Benefits of PHP program

    Partial Hospitalization Program has several benefits for the patients dealing with addiction and mental illness. However, it must be noted that not all patients are suitable to undergo the Partial Hospitalization Program. Usually, the doctors suggest this program to the patients after evaluating their conditions, history with the disease and the severity of it.

    However, if a patient wishes to take the Partial Hospitalization Program and is being approved by the medical team to do so, there are several benefits that a patient can get from the program.

    Some of the major benefits of PHP Program are:

    Affordable Option:

    The PHP programs are naturally more affordable in terms of price then the in-patient program with full-hospitalization as they don’t have to stay full time in the hospitals and the costs are cut-down. Patients who are working and have a support system can benefit from the affordable option for the treatment procedure.

    Aids in transitioning from inpatient to outpatient program:

    The Partial Hospitalization Program helps in the transitioning process of the patients from the inpatient to the outpatient care as it bridges the gap between the two by providing all the necessary guidance and treatment while at the same time being approachable and affordable by the patients.

    Flexible schedule:

    The Partial Hospitalization Program, although is structured and provide all the assistance but also is flexible in nature. Working patients with a commitment to the outside world can benefit immensely from the PHP Program.

    These are some of the major benefits that partial hospitalization can provide for the patients apart from all the treatment and therapies of course.


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