Medical Detox

Contradictory to the popular belief, detox isn’t just for people who have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Detox is done for eliminating the toxins from our body which can be caused by so many factors. When we talk about alcohol and drug detox, it’s main purpose is to let the body system removes the residue of the drugs and to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms from the body of the patient.

Inpatient Treatment

Sunrise Recovery Care is a rehab center in Indiana that provides complete integrated inpatient treatment for patients who are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. The inpatient system addresses behavioral health, primary care along with the social determinants of health.Our inpatient drug rehab facility in indiana focuses on providing unique treatments that are suitable for individual patients according to the requirement.

Intensive Outpatient

Our rehab center in Indiana has been competently fighting against the odds to give new hope in the life of addicted patients. Treatment of any type of drug and alcohol addiction has been the primary motive behind the center. Apart from the inpatient rehab program, the rehab center also offers outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Indiana.

Alumni Program

Addiction rehab alumni programs are the programs that ensure that the treatment center’s medical staffs and the former patients who have been a part of the recovery program are in touch with each other. In this type of program, the recovery center organizes events and hosts many programs to make sure that the patients are on the right track.

Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery is the Self-Management and Recovery Training support program made for patients who are under addiction and behavioral disorders. This program incorporates the teaching of self-reliance and control in patients who are under the grip of addiction and are facing behavioral disorders by making them focus and understand their inner thoughts and feelings concerning their disease.