Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sunrise Recovery Care?
We are a well-rounded recovery center that provides in-patient, outpatient as well as Partial Hospitalization programs for the patients dealing with addiction and mental illness. Our well-trained staff and medical professionals provide medical assistance and several therapies to treat the patients apart from providing a nurturing and loving stay for the patients to ease the recovery process. A well accredited and licensed recovery care center based in Indiana that focuses on the holistic approach towards a wide variety of treatment services for our patients.

Where is it located?
We are located in 1610 Blackiston View Dr. Clarksville, IN 47129

What kind of patients does Sunrise Recovery Care take?
We believe in providing a haven to our patients and provide our facilities with our various programs to people of all groups who are dealing with any type of alcohol and substance addiction as well as people who are faced with the issues of mental illness.

Does Sunrise Recovery Care provide the Partial Hospitalization Program?
Yes. Sunrise Recovery Care has a well-integrated treatment process for the Partial Hospitalization Program apart from the in-patient and out-patient program.

Are family visits allowed?
Yes, family and close friends can visit the patients within the premise of the rehabilitation center as per the situation and physical and mental condition of the patients. The frequency of the visits can be decided as per the situation of the patients.

What kind of treatment/services are provided by Sunrise Recovery care?
Sunrise Recovery Care offers a wide variety of treatments for the patients depending on the situation of the patients. Each treatment procedure is made following the requirement of the patients.

Detoxification: Sunrise Recovery Care provides the detox service to the patients who are under the influence of addiction from drugs and/or alcohol. We provide Nutritionally Assisted Detox as well as medically assisted detox to help the patients. W also try to minimize the discomfort and physical pain with our detox process.

Addiction treatment: We provide our services to patients with addiction from drugs and/or alcohol with our various therapies and medical treatment. We cater to our patients both on the physical and mental level and make sure that the treatment process is as comfortable as it can be for the patients.

Dual diagnosis: We have a dual diagnosis in our care whereby we treat patients who have been dealing with two or more conditions. It includes people with mental illness and addiction, as well as those with multiple mental issues or addictive behaviors.

Mental health: We also provide our services to people who are dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder amongst others.

Alumni services: We understand that recovering from the severe grip of addiction is a hard thing to do and even after the patients have recovered there is a chance of relapse because of the surroundings and company they might be into. So, we provide our alumni services which can be a support system for the patients dealing with mental illness and addiction.

Does Sunrise Recovery Care provide additional therapies?
We provide individual therapy, group counseling to SMART therapy along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we make sure our treatment methods are in sync with the need of the patients. Our medical professionals comprise of the best team in Indiana.

How long does it take for the patients to recover?
Well, each patient’s recovery process can be different from one another. As it not only depends on the type of addiction but also the severity and duration of it. Apart from that, in the case of dual diagnosis, the treatment and therapies can differ. The patient’s willingness and effort can also come into play. Thus, an exact time can’t be allocated. However, a minimum of two to three months is considered if the condition isn’t much severe.

Does Sunrise Recovery Care accept insurance?
We, sure do! Sunrise Recovery Care believes in making the journey to recovery a smooth one and thus we make sure that the patients dealing with addiction and mental illness don’t have to stress out on the costs and payment of the treatment. We cover most of the insurances provided in the country.