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Vicodin Addiction Treatment Program

Vicodin Addiction Treatment in Indiana

Vicodin is one of the prescription drugs provided to patients to relieve excruciating pain. When taken as per the prescribed amount, Vicodin acts as a pain reliever but misuse of the drug can prove to be highly addictive. Highly addictive Vicodin can make the life of patients difficult and seeking professional help is recommended.

It can be difficult to get out of grip from Vicodin addiction and so getting the right treatment and therapies to cope with the addiction is even more necessary. To help the patients get rid of the addiction multiple recovery centers are aimed to help the patients.

Sunrise Recovery Care, in Indiana, is one of the prominent rehabilitation facilities that provide all the necessary medically assisted treatments along with several therapies suited to the individuals other than counseling and support to aid in the treatment process. Doing research to find the best available treatment centers and finding out about the facilities provided can be helpful for the patients.

Co-occurring Disorders treatment Indiana Deciding to get the treatment is the first step towards changing one’s life for better. However, getting the treatment from the right place is also an integral aspect of partaking the road to recovery.

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Vicodin addiction treatment Indiana
Vicodin Addiction Treatment Program

What Is Vicodin Addiction?

When a patient misuses the consumption of Vicodin, which is generally prescribed as a pain reliever to the patients, addiction to the drug occurs.

Vicodin addiction, unfortunately, has become one of the major forms of addiction from prescription drug abuse over a period. Hydrocodone and acetaminophen which is one of the active ingredients of Tylenol combine Vicodin. The feeling of high effects of Vicodin is similar to another drug known as morphine which makes it extremely addictive when abused.

Vicodin addiction not only affects the mental situation of the patients but also is known to affect the liver resulting in liver damage. Like any other drug, addiction to a prescription drug like Vicodin results in several negative outcomes and abrupt stopping of the consumption of this drug comes with severe withdrawal symptoms. Signs like the constant urge to consume the drug and neglecting a sense of self apart from ill physical and mental health can be seen in the patients with Vicodin addiction.

Apart from the medically-assisted treatment, Therapeutic interventions are recommended to cope with Vicodin addiction.

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Prescription Drug Addiction

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Vicodin Addiction

Dependence on Vicodin, causing misuse and severe physical and psychological effects.

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Vicodin Addiction Treatment Program

Signs Of Vicodin Abuse

When a person abuses Vicodin and takes more than the prescribed amount, there is a high possibility of becoming addicted to the drug.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment Indiana

Some of the common signs are:

  • Extreme craving and sudden urges to take the drug
  • Problems in personal and professional life
  • The requirement of the drug at any cost
  • Negative impact on the person’s day-to-day activities
  • The requirement of increment in dosage to get the effect.
  • Withdrawal symptoms can be seen when the drug is not consumed
  • Turning a blind eye towards the negative impact on health
  • Pain in muscles and joints
  • Liver damage
  • Profusely Sweating
  • Constantly worrying about not getting the drug
  • Physical and Psychological damage

These are some of the common signs that can be observed in patients who are under the grip of this prescription medication. It is important to note that the signs can vary from person to person which again depends on the severity and length of abuse of the drug.

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