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Clarksville Rehab Center Drugs Rehabilitation Process

For those searching the right Clarksville rehab centers, Sunrise Recovery happens to be a good place for physical, psychological and emotional restoration. You have already taken the first important step of acknowledging the need for help while struggling with substance abuse. The next step of choosing our rehab center in Clarksville takes care of everything else. We are dedicated to take you through a well-planned drug rehabilitation process which is based on our years of experience and in sync with the best substance abuse rehab practices followed worldwide.

Step 1: Individual Assessment

No two substance abuse cases can be same. There is need to identify the underlying causes that push different individuals towards addiction. The patient’s medical and health records as well as his or her interests, strengths, weaknesses and every other personality trait needs to be identified. For this, our Clarksville rehab hosts a team of expert counselors who help us record these valuable pieces of information.

Step 2: Customized Rehab Plan

Based on the assessments performed in the previous step, we form a rehabilitation plan, outlining the needs of different medicine-based treatments, holistic therapies, evidence-based treatments and other techniques that can be utilized for different individuals. As a leading rehab center in Clarksville, we take into account every possible rehab technique that can contribute effectively towards treatment.

Step 3: Medical Detoxification

Depending on the specific requirements of every patient, we subject the patient’s body to the medicines and procedures so that it eliminates the dangerous substances. Considering that the process can be cumbersome, we perform it under expert medical supervision and keep all necessary medical arrangements ready to deal with any type of circumstances.

Step4: Rehabilitation Using Therapies

After detoxification, the patients at our Clarksville rehab get ready to undergo a variety of individual and group therapies that endorse general physical and psychological well-being in them. Some of the therapies that have proved useful in this direction include:

Step 5: Simultaneous and After Care

We, at Sunrise Recovery rehab center in Clarksville, focus on managing withdrawal symptoms while providing emotional support to our inpatients. Finally, we involve the patients’ families and friends and together create an aftercare plan so that the possibility of relapse is dramatically reduced.

Every patient rehabilitated contributes towards the success of our Clarksville rehab center. Start a conversation right now and we will be happy to respond back.