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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Kentucky

Sunrise Recovery is a leading residential alcohol and drug rehab centers located in Clarksville, Indiana. With the growing opioid and drug abuse crisis, it is of utmost importance to find rehabs in KY or Indiana that you can trust. We, at Sunrise, understand the impact that addiction can have on an individual on a physical, mental, and social level and are dedicated to helping them overcome their addiction in a sustainable and effective manner. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Disorders are chronic conditions that affect around 20.6 million adults in America alone. As per reports published in 2012, nearly 88,000 lives are lost annually due to alcoholism and 72,000 from drug overdoses. Among American states, Kentucky ranks third highest in the number of drinks consumed per year. This has led to an increased requirement for rehabs in KY.

Importance of a Rehab Center

The path to recovery is a long and difficult one. Although good intentions go a long way, it is difficult to achieve recovery without the proper support system to help you along the way. Sunrise Recovery is one of the top-rated drug rehab centers that offer treatment for patients in Kentucky and Indiana. We dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction though consistent care and holistic support.
If you are looking for drug rehab centers in Kentucky, visit Sunrise Recovery, which is located nearby in Clarksville, Indiana. We help you overcome your addiction though consistent care and holistic support.